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A documentary in the making about the rise of the Digital Nomad shows that this rapidly expanding global community is here to stay and gaining members from a much broader range of backgrounds than you might first think.... Youjin Do, a South Korean film maker and digital nomad, seeks to challenge preconceptions and stereotypes around the kind of people who become digital nomads and what life is actually like for participants in this global cultural phenomenon. "I learned that one of the biggest misconceptions is that digital nomads are only 20-something single people travelling from city-to-city every few days with their laptop, partying everywhere and being without any home base. There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, but digital nomads appear on a full spectrum. There's a great variety of people doing this. From backpackers who hardly make any money, to couples in their 50s who run an entire law firm remotely, to millionaire startup founders in their 30s with multiple home bases around the world, who love the freedom to go wherever they want." The documentary is currently in post production and there is a crowdfunding campaign in operation to support the final pre-release stages.

Youjin Do, Digital Nomad: Digital Nomads Aren't Single People In Their 20s

Digital nomadism has been rising in popularity over the past few years, yet it's still largely misunderstood. I've been a digital nomad for about two years, and family and friends continue to ask me, "do you ever work?"

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